Indiepixel Summit... an aperiodic meeting with the purpose of bringing together people from Hamburg and northern Germany who share an interest in creating their own movies, games, art, interactive design or any other cool stuff more!

Indiepixel Summit 2

canceled / delayed :(

[we are trying to solve this asap!]

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Indiepixel 2, Feb 1st 2013 canceled :(

Hey everyone!

My apologies, instead of announcing the next round of speakers and opening up the registration for the second Indiepixel Summit i have to deliver the sad news that we had to cancel / delay the event (until further notice). Without going into detail: we simply faced too many problems to solve them all in time for february 1st. We are working hard on resolving all issues and will be back with a new announcement, hopefully real soon.

posted on 2013-01-04, chris_muetze

Hamburg Maker Meeting, Oct 20th, 11am

Hey everyone!

The year is coming to a close, the days get shorter and every true DIY-hobbyist knows what that means: more time to tinker with electronics and computers! And there is no better way to celebrate this best of all seasons than by visiting the Hamburg Maker Meeting on Oct 20th! We'll be there ...and so should you!

Hamburg Maker Meeting website

See you next Saturday!

posted on 2012-10-12, chris_muetze

Indiepixel Unity3d Workshop, May 15th, 4pm

Hey Unity3d users, here is something for you:

The folks from Unity Technologies are in town on May 15th and after some begging and nagging from our side they agreed to make a cameo appearance at our beloved hackerspace and show some cool new features in 3.5!

Here are the juicy details:

1600-1700: Doors open

1700-1745: "New features in 3.5" - Russ Morris, product evangelist at Unity Technologies

1745-1800: Break

1800-1900: Open presentations (Anyone is welcome to show off their Unity3d projects, 7mins each)

1900-2100: Random hacking

You can register for the workshop here!

posted on 2012-05-02, chris_muetze

Registration page for first indiepixel summit online

The first indiepixel summit has been announced a few days ago. Now we're happy to tell you that the registration page is online! You can choose to register for the coworking that will start around 10 a.m. or hfor the talks in the evening, starting at 7 p.m. Or both. Or none. In the latter case, you should stop reading this and visit some other page. So, go on, register and we'll see you on May 11th!

posted on 2012-05-01, rouaiha

Indiepixel Forum

Wow! After Fefe blogged about the 1st Indiepixel Summit, we're being bombed with mails and messages. Fortunately we found a platform where all interested indies can get in touch with us: we're on Facebook
Erm, no we're not. But our friends over at Gamebrausch (to whom we are absolutely NOT related to whatsoever, of course;) are so kind to let us use their forum as long as we have nothing of our own. And what can I say? Why would we set up our own forum if we can use their existing one? But please don't tell them I said that. However: Head over to the Gamebrausch forum and join in on the discussion or ask your questions.

link: Indiepixel Forum

posted on 2012-04-26, rouaiha

Indiepixel talks

Fellow creatives, i am seriously excited to present you the final lineup of talks for the first Indiepixel Summit! A huge "Thank you!" to Vito, Tobi and Chaos for taking the time to doing this! Each one of them is given a 20 minute timeslot on the beam between 7pm and 10pm .. So if you can't make it during the day you might still consider coming in just for the evening (but even in that case: Don't forget to register! (Registration will open soon)) - And if everything fails there is still the last option: We will record all the talks and make them available online afterwards, so you can enjoy them at home ...or during a picnic in the park, a bike-ride through the mountains or whatever suits you best.

Anyway, here we go:

Vito La Manna / MovieBrats Films & Animation Berlin

"Stick To It: Ideen sind Herrlich, die Umsetzung die Hoelle"

Vito was a carpenter, a mover and a barber, before he went on to become a self-taught Digital Artist at Virgin Lands Animated Pictures where he soon also became an associate partner and contributed to the rise of the company to one of the leading animation houses in the entertainment software industry. He worked for clients like Sony CE America, Atari, Vivendi Universal and JoWood Productions before he relocated to Japan to learn to play the Shakuhachi, the traditional Japanese bamboo flute while he continued working as a freelance digital artist. In late 2009 he came back to Germany an cofounded MovieBrats.

Language: german
May 11th 2012 7pm, Indiepixel Summit

Tobi Trebeljahr / Glare Studios Hamburg

Making Of: "Ubermesserschmitt" - Klassische Herangehensweisen an digitale Maltechniken.

Tobi Trebeljahr ist seit 24 Jahren auf der Welt, seit 22 Zeichner, seit 11 digitaler Zeichner, seit 5 bezahlter digitaler Zeichner und seit 3 Jahren freiberuflicher bezahlter digitaler Zeichner.

Language: german
May 11th 2012 7pm, Indiepixel Summit

Ubermesserschmitt on DeviantArt

dierk.chaos.ohlerich / farbrausch

"Hacking the Werkkzeug4"

Wie man das universellste Open Source Demo- und 3D-Tool in C++ erweitert.

Language: german
May 11th 2012 7pm, Indiepixel Summit

farbrausch demo tools on github

posted on 2012-04-24, chris_muetze

Indiepixel Summit #1 taking place on may 11th, 2012

I spoke to Robert/Attraktor e.V. yesterday and we agreed on a date for the first Indiepixel Summit -> may 11th 2012, so exactly in a month from now on.. mark it in your diary! (check the about page for more information on the event itself).

posted on 2012-04-11, chris_muetze up and running!

It's finally done! i know it has been a long time and i have been promising people for weeks to put more information online about our upcoming Indiepixel Summit series of events. The first *official* event will be held mid may at the local hackerspace in Hamburg. I'll have to check back with Attraktor e.V. to get an exact date and then i'll post an update containing more details here in the blog. In the meantime you can follow me or any other indiepixel team member on twitter so we can push the news to you as soon as it is available. (If i find the time i will add an rss-feed to this blog, but don't count on it..).

posted on 2012-03-28, chris_muetze